Good morning and happy Sunday, faithful readers:I hope you’re sitting in front of the computer with a sleepy grin on your face and that first, satisfying mug of coffee in your hand as you read this. You’ve doubtless got something like a Triple-A station in your neck of the woods, one with a Sunday morning show called something like “Acoustic Sunrise” — well, KBCO was one of the first to do that, so it’s only fitting that one of the only Sunday posts in Popdose history should feature Volume 2 of the station’s Live from Studio C series.

There isn’t much else to say. This came out in ’94, so it features a couple of artists who have since fled the playlist (hello, Julian Lennon):but these are solid performances, one and all, and this set even features some tasty Beat Farmers. Many thanks, again, are due the Dread Pirate Lebsack for supplying us all with this treasure trove. Enjoy, and meet me back here tomorrow for Volume 3!

Bruce Cockburn – Kit Carson
Dramarama – What Are We Gonna Do
Tori Amos – Happy Phantom
Big Shoulders – Johnny and Mary
Kenny Loggins – Leap Of Faith
Liz Barnez Band – Don’t Worry About Yourself
Julian Lennon – Saltwater
Sun 60 – Take Me Home
Leftover Salmon – Alfalfa’s
Sonny Landreth and Steve Conn – Back To Bayou Teche
Indigo Girls – Jonas and Ezekiel
The Origin – Waiting
James McMurty and Friends – Candyland
Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend
Western Vogue – What’s It All About
Beat Farmers – Happy Boy

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