It’s been a long time since Michele Bunch Palmer put out new music. Setting aside her work in the redoubtable Adam Again, the artist formerly known as Riki Michele also had a couple of remarkable solo records that easily staked a claim for herself, primarily in a pop/soul vein. By all available evidence over the past few years life has been very good for Michele and the need to make music wasn’t there (at that moment).

mugBut then pictures started surfacing on Facebook. A computer screen with multitrack waveforms? Various hints and rumors? What could it possibly mean?

Okay, so maybe there was little to no intrigue occurring in these dropped tidbits, but the possibility of new Riki Michele music was more than welcomed. And finally the proof arrived in the form of a Kickstarter campaign, dispelling any notion that this could be anything else. Did I mention that people have been waiting for this for a long time?

In her Kickstarter explanatory video, Michele lets us in on who her primary collaborator is on this project, being Margaret Becker, who is a formidable solo artist in her own right.

But as it tends to be with these sorts of campaigns, one asks about the goodies. Palmer, an accomplished art potter, is putting up several of her hand-thrown pieces as incentives for backers. If that’s not quite your speed (and I don’t know why it isn’t. I’ve seen your cupboard. Seriously, how many Ziggy mugs do you need?) you can opt for the autographed CD or the straight-to-your-inbox download. Either way, it is terrific news to hear, literally, Michele back behind the microphone. I’m pretty sure you will agree once you have a listen.

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