Popdose film critic Lance Berry passed away last week, dying suddenly at his home in Ashburn, Virginia, on Sunday, October 4. He was 43.

Though a site like ours, which has no central office and publishes the work of a far-flung group of writers, doesn’t allow for much in the way of extracurricular bonding, we’re all nonetheless deeply affected by Lance’s death. I invited Lance to join Popdose after getting to know him in the Rotten Tomatoes forums, where I found him to be an uncommonly insightful and intelligent film fan; his work for our site did not disappoint. While I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I enjoyed reading his film reviews, I was proud to publish them, and I considered him a friend. Please join us in bidding him farewell. Á¢€”Jeff Giles, Editor-in-Chief

Popdose mourns the unexpected passing of our friend and colleague Lance Berry, from an undisclosed cause. A native New Yorker, Lance began writing for Popdose late last year and quickly impressed us all with his passion and enthusiasm, having maintained his own site for film criticism, Lance Reviews…. The two of us had a good time cowriting a review of last summer’s Star Trek film, the long-running franchise being a touchstone for him. Inspired in part by Star Trek, he wrote The Reign, a series of science fiction novels.

We found out about Lance’s death via an e-mail sent by a relative. I wrote back, expressing the condolences of the Popdose staff in this difficult time, and the response read, “He loved writing for your site. Thank you for recognizing his talent and love of film.Á‚ He will truly be missed.” Á¢€”Bob Cashill, Film Editor

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