Here’s one that someone requested in the comments section waaaaaaaayyy back, but I held out, trying to scrape together some more info about it. No luck.

This one’s a bit of a mystery. Cee Farrow may have been a former model who may have been formerly known as Chris Farrow – problem here is there’s not much biographical info about ol’ Cee out there. No Allmusic page, not even a wonky Wikipedia page. Googling his name brings up a few scraps…some MySpace pages of musicians who claim to have played on his records, some lyrics pages, even a New Wave Outpost forum message that claims he passed away, etc.

What’s for sure is that Farrow had a gorgeous New Romantic underground dance hit in 1983 (Best Year for Music Ever!) with “Should I Love You”, an excellent synthfunk workout with a hilariously disaffected vocal. Should I love you? Meh. I guess.

And Farrow must have been a model based on the video – he’s giving serious Zoolander. BLUE STEEL!

Farrow returned in 1991 with a single called “Imagination” that I’ve never heard, but apparently caused a tiny stir on the dance charts. But he’ll be forever known as the guy who did that song you never heard of when someone tells you the title, but when they play it for you, you totally go “OMIGOD, I REMEMBER THAT SONG!”

“Should I Love You” peaked at #82 on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart and at #91 on the R&B Singles Chart in 1983.

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