Since running my original post on Chicago’s unreleased Stone of Sisyphus album, I’ve received a ton of requests to repost the songs. That probably won’t happen, at least not anytime soon, but here’s the next best thing: A collection of alternate mixes and edits from the Sisyphus sessions. Those of you who have been enjoying the album since it started circulating over a decade ago will notice the differences; in some cases, they’re fairly significant.

If you’ve never heard it, now’s your chance Á¢€” and if you’ve heard any of Chicago XXX, these songs make for a nice contrast, to say the least.


All the Years
The Show Must Go On
Here With Me
Mah Jongg
Bigger Than Elvis
The Pull
Sleeping in the Middle of the Bed Again
Cry for the Lost
Let’s Take a Lifetime
Stone of Sisyphus
Get on This

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