That classic pop sound is not dead. In fact, as synths continue to roll across the landscape like battalions of tanks, the indie music scene is kind of exploding with pop’s possibilities.

coverWorking his folk edge into a 4-song EP, Kyle Adem returns with the gorgeous collection Beautiful Dreamer. The piece finds Adem in a good place which, at first, might have been a worrisome outcome. Part of what made his album Syracuse such a standout was the tension and anxiety he brought to the boards. Would he be able to “bring it” if he was happy and contented in his life? Fortunately for him and for us, the answer is yes. Beautiful Dreamer has assured production that does not stumble down the dark path of overkill. Everything seems in its right place and meant to be there. The opening track, “Goodnight, July” is instantly reassuring and, in its own way, a confident piece of hand-clapping, harmonizing songcraft.

The rest of the effort never fails either, and at $4.00 (a buck a track – how could you miss?) you will get far more than your money’s worth from Adem’s Beautiful Dreamer.

You can find the EP at Bandcamp by clicking here:

coverMeanwhile, The Deafening Colors have staked their claim on summertime with “Carousel Season.” The title track from a forthcoming album is a revelation, especially to fans who have followed the group since their psyche-edged garage roots days. Immediately transporting, the song sounds and feels like a whiplash back to 1966, down the Jersey shore when we still had carousels off the boardwalks. The Deafening Colors have thrown down the gauntlet with this one, and now the expectations are high for the full-length offering.

The band has put the track up on Bandcamp at a name-your-price rate, but it will not hurt you in the slightest to plunk a buck for “Carousel Season” — you’ll be glad you did.

You can find the digital single at Bandcamp by clicking here:  

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