The good news is that OK Go released a new video for the track “I Won’t Let You Down” from their current album Hungry Ghosts yesterday.

The bad news is you cannot watch the video. Or rather, you shouldn’t watch the video. Over the past (what, ten years?) OK Go has released a slew of interesting and creative videos that purportedly promote their music, but the music is so thoroughly lacking in anything that makes music enjoyable, the whole thing seems like an exercise.

Specific to this song, I haven’t taken the time to actually count how many times the words “I won’t let you down” are sung, but they are sung enough so that:

A) You are let down because the band is actively lying to you in song.
B) The funky backing track, which seems to directly “pay homage” to both The Jackson 5ive and Strongbad singing “fhqwhgads,” knows it is derivative. It loves that it is derivative. It is wallowing in its derivations and is eating them right from the stagnant pool.

So the challenge to you is this. Click to play the song, then turn off your monitor. If you still like the song, so be it. I’m just a killjoy. But if you are like me, you too will be somewhat offended that you’re being slipped yoga mat chemicals in your delicious-looking Subway sandwich (metaphorically).


We are suffering for our art. Now it’s your turn.

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