Passion Pit Steadily making its way around the Internet, the Chunk of Change EP by Massachusetts’ Passion Pit started out as a Valentine’s Day gift to founder Michael Angelakos’ girlfriend. Angelakos wrote and recorded the entire thing himself, recently reissued with two extra songs (“Better Things” and “Sleepyhead”).

With its roots in homecraft, it’s not surprising, then, that much like The Postal Service, the songs on the Chunk of Change EP have that bedroom electro-pop feel. The lyrics tend to be romantic (“I gave into your love / as you rapturously commanded”), optimistic (“I believe in believing”) or both (“Baby don’t be sad / better things are coming / I swear there’s truth in that”), creating a rather cutesy effect when combined with the twinkling, glitchy, toy-like electronics. Hell, one of the tracks is titled “Cuddle Fuddle.” The songs are a bit more drawn out in length, though, which tones down some of the sugary coating.

Passion Pit, “Cuddle Fuddle” (download)

Angelakos’ vocals do get a little tiring after repeat listens. His falsetto gets a bit shrill, and his voice too acrobatic, overall, as though he’s not always quite sure what to do with it. But, for a starter EP, one could certainly do worse.

Other electro-pop acts have been raised to great heights based off one EP (cough Black Kids cough), and looking on their CMJ schedule, Passion Pit could very well be facing a media frenzy. Let’s hope they’re left with a little room to breathe.