If music were like food, the Toadies’ new CD, No Deliverance, would be a steak and baked potato entree, with maybe a sprig of parsley thrown in. The meat and potatoes sound of the Toadies is a welcome return for a band whose rocky history of break-ups and make-ups have left many of their fans wanting something, anything new from this band whose music has recently been kept alive through that new rock format called Guitar Hero II.

If a video game can keep the Toadies’ “Possum Kingdom” in the collective conscience of those who are trying to master a videogame, then No Deliverance will make them put down their plastic gaming guitars and really kick it old school with a top-of-the-line air guitar. The Toadies are in good form on this new collection of songs, and the album starts out with two blistering tunes that will surely release your inner rock beast and have you cranking the volume to levels that will piss people off two blocks away.

Where the Toadies really shine, though, is on the title track. Todd Lewis’ smoldering and distorted vocals at the outset give their music an interesting layer that reminds me of the strangely humorous blues of Bob Log III — without the humor, tempo, and boobs.

No Deliverance becomes more melodic on “I Am a Man of Stone,” and “Song I Hate.” but things really kick in to fist-pumping-head-nodding bliss with “Hell in High Water,” which has a bass line reminiscent of “Radar Love.”

For a band that’s been semi-dormant since 2001, the Toadies sounds like they never went their separate ways. The songs are tight, there is a very little filler (except for “I Want Your Love,” where you’ll be muttering “Okay, I get it” halfway through), and there’s an authenticity to this record that is refreshing in an age when many bands get stuck trying to second guess what will be a hit, and what won’t.

The Toadies are hitting the road for a lengthy tour in support of No Deliverance. And if they can duplicate live one-tenth of what’s on the CD, you’re in for some punishingly good rock.

“No Deliverance” (Download)
“Song I Hate” (Download)

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