Turnpike Glow – Rush Home (2006)
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Turnpike Glow - Rush Home

Longtime bloggy friends 75orless Records recently licensed this eight-song EP from Italy’s Turnpike Glow, which is how I ended up with a copy. In honor of the label’s “75 or less” ethic, here’s Rush Home in 75 words or less:

Evokes the best of early-early ’90s alt-pop, when the guitars were good ‘n swirly and the layers of sound were airy and plentiful. The RIYL thing is seldom accurate enough to be useful, but call these guys, oh, I don’t know, The Sundays meets Pavement, but with enough of a twist to keep nostalgia from completely running the show. Download a pair of songs from the band’s website and hear for yourself.

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