The hilarious little rocker known as “Potato Chip” predates the current obesity crisis. Even though I know that, since I started listening to garage rock in earnest at about the same time I was walking off 57 pounds during the early 2000s, an alternate interpretation of this song strikes a chord: It really captures the allure of potato chips. They are sooo good. They rock. They make me, too, flip when I get my grip on a crunchy, munchy potato chip, that’s for sure.

That’s how Ruffles and Lay’s built their brands: They are so awesome to eat. Especially when coated with MSG-infested, day-glo orange, fake cheddar powder. But as the Shadows of Knight warn, these starchy little crisps have a dark side: They will turn you into a mass of class, a real gas Á¢€” if you know what they’re getting at. From Pebbles, Vol. 1.

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