It’s been a long time coming. I’ve waited for some months to bring this pain, namely MP3s finely crafted from my new USB turntable. Mind you, we’re not talking just any MP3s, but obscure crap loved by the Seattle underground in the Prime Grunge Era of the early 1990s and highly sought-after by collectors today. Crap so obscure, a lot of it only came out on 45-rpm records. Crap that was sent to me back when the labels had adequate promotional budgets and I was still considered cool enough to comp with free vinyl.

And, I might add, this isn’t just any turntable I’ve acquired to inflict this beautiful music upon you, the Lo-Fi faithful. It is a $65 piece of trash I got off eBay. Especially for you. Before I plonked down the PayPal money for a turntable to digitize this essential music stranded on an obsolete medium, it occurred to me that a vintage Marantz or Thorens turntable with its perfectly balanced thousand-dollar diamond Groovitonium (TM) cartridge would totally defeat the purpose of this section of Popdose. You gotta match the tools to the job, right?

Without further ado, I give you “Go Away” by the Sinister Six, issued on 45 as eMpTy Records MT 187. If you’re lucky, you might get the even worse B-side down the road at some point.

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