Stanford University’s David Giovacchini and Veronika Ferdman of Slant Magazine join host Sara Vizcarrondo in the studio for a highly informed, personal, self-swallowing discussion of CERTIFIED COPY, while Walter von Tagen theorizes about the beginning of Nicole Kidman’s acting career. (“Gunk Sheeple”?!)

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Sara Maria Vizcarrondo

Bay Area film critic, trade journal editor and film studies teacher Sara Vizcarrondo brings her inimitable style and insider knowledge of the film industry to "Look of the Week," a half-hour show featuring discussions of current theatrical releases, film festivals, retrospectives, the Criterion Collection, Netflix Instant, VHS oddities and stray tidbits about "the biz." Come for the infotainment, stay for the theme song! ("I'm an accordion," Sara insists.)

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