We just talked about Gene Loves Jezebel recently, so why not feature a Lost B-side from the fey, scarf-twirling duo?

While I’ve previously lamented that today’s featured song’s a-side was a concession to Top 40 and AOR radio, the flip, “Bugg’s Bruises” was old-school Gene Loves Jezebel, a nice fusion of goth trappings over pure rock, not too dissimilar to what The Cult were doing at the same time, albeit with an extra layer of, let’s call it, “femininity”. Or “feminess”. Not an insult, by the way – I kinda dug it.

Unfortunately, “Bugg’s Bruises” did not make the LP proper, sacrificed for Jimmy Iovine-produced sheen and more Top 40 grabs that never quite took. It lives on today though, thanks to TEH INTERWEBS. Enjoy.

“Bugg’s Bruises” was the b-side of the “Motion of Love” single.

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