DexysA quickie today, folks – I’m getting ready to move in with my betrothed, and I’m currently surrounded by boxes of stuff.Á‚  Moving is such a hassle, but I can’t forget you, faithful reader!Á‚  So, howzabout covering one of the biggest one-hit wonders of the ’80s?

I’ve always wondered why Dexys Midnight Runners were unable to follow up the #1 success of “Come On Eileen.”Á‚  I mean, it’s not like Too-Rye-Ay was lacking in potential singles.Á‚  The classic album was brimming with hooks, but of course, Dexys U.S. label chose “The Celtic Soul Brothers” (download) as “Eileen’s” follow-up, a single which flopped at #45 upon its initial release in the U.K. (it would later chart much higher after being re-released in “Come On Eileen’s” wake).Á‚  While it’s a great tune, much in the same spirit as the massive hit that preceded it, it wasn’t the best choice.

A better choice would have been “Eileen’s” follow-up in the U.K., a remake of Van Morrison’s “Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile),” (download) which hit #5 there, but wasn’t even issued as a single here.Á‚  A shame, since its instant familiarity and the fact that it was featured in a performance on The Young Ones which was then all over MTV would have been a natural.

Ah, Vyvyan.

As for Dexys, we’ve already covered their ill-fated third album in a previous post, so I think I can finally scratch one band completely off my “Must Cover on LIT80s” list!Á‚  Only 5,278 to go!

But first, back to packing up the kitchen.

“The Celtic Soul Brothers” peaked at #86 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1983.

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