If there’s one thing the ’80s had their fair share of, it’s annoying songs that one shouldn’t like, but just can’t help loving. “Method of Modern Love.” “99 Luftballons.” “Rock Me Amadeus.” And Pat Wilson’s 1984 trifle, “Bop Girl.”

Bop Goil “Huh wha huh?” you ask. Admittedly, “Bop Girl” wasn’t as overexposed as some of the other songs listed, but it’s no less catchy. With its spell-along chorus, Haysi Fantayzee-like fiddle solo and vacuous lyrics, it had all the makings of a hit — which it was in Wilson’s native Australia, reaching #2 on the charts. Stateside, its success was limited to some light club and MTV play, although trend-setting radio station KROQ played it quite a bit (before they switched to their current “All Chili Peppers, All the Time” format).

The “Bop Girl” video does have a sort of lasting legacy, though, since it boasts the screen debut of a very young 15-year old Nicole Kidman as its titular star (sheÁ¢€™s the tallest of the three bridesmaids):

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“Bop Girl” was written for Wilson by her then-husband, a member of Aussie combo Daddy Cool, who also appears on the single and in the video. Wilson went on to release a few more singles, but none came anywhere near the success, nationally or regionally, of this one. And just between you and me, this EP is a bitch to find, and while I was excited to finally track it down…well…I mean, it includes another song called “Bop Girl Goes Surfing,” which pretty much reflects how much that effort was really worth.

“Bop Girl” peaked at #104 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Chart in 1984.

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