Sometimes I can forgive a band for anything if I love them enough.Á‚  Even being featured in a Pringles ad or an Adam Sandler film.

Oxford, England’s Candyskins were never very popular chart-wise in their home country, but saw a fair amount of success on American modern rock/alternative radio with their 1990 debut album, Space I’m In, and its single, “Submarine Song.”Á‚  Three years later, the band tried to build upon this foundation with Fun? and another alternative radio hit, “Wembley.”Á‚  Unfortunately, legal woes with their label Geffen sidelined the band and stopped any momentum for another four years.

When the smoke cleared, the group found themselves signed to a UK indie label and saw their third album, Sunday Morning Fever, come and go with nary a peep.Á‚  Thankfully, fans only had to wait just one short year (and yet another label) later for the band’s next album, Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity. This time around, the band struck U.S. radio play paydirt again, as the single “Feed It” (download) got quite a bit play on Modern Rock radio and MTV.

The track’s buzz led to its being featured on the soundtrack for the 1998 Adam Sandler vehicle, The Waterboy.Á‚  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to drive album sales and the Candyskins soon split.Á‚  The band has reformed a couple of times since for one-off concert dates, but no new studio albums.

“Feed It” got even more exposure a few years ago when, perplexingly enough, some ad man with impeccable taste in music got it used in a TV commercial for Pringles Potato Chip-like Substance In A Can.Á‚  But like I said, even sell-out behavior (is that even an issue anymore?) can’t dull the beauty of “Feed It,” a song that seems to surface every five years or so.Á‚  We’re about due again…

“Feed It” did not chart.

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