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Our guest this week is Ian Astbury of The Cult.

The band just released Hidden City, which marks their 10th studio release in a career that now spans over three decades. It is the third and final part of a trilogy of releases that began in 2007 with the release of the Born Into This album and was followed in 2012 by the Choice of Weapon album.

They’ve worked with a total of three different producers on the three albums. They worked initially with Youth on the Born Into This album and then moved on to work with Chris Goss of Masters of Reality for Choice of Weapon. By the time that album was completed, a familiar name had come back around as Bob Rock came in to finish up the album sessions.

That brings us to this new Hidden City album, one which finds the band once again working with Bob Rock. The Cult’s relationship with Rock goes way back — he produced their landmark Sonic Temple release and this marks the fifth Cult album he’s been associated with.

Author D.X. Ferris joined me to co-host this chat with Ian. We speak with Ian Astbury about the group’s relationship with Bob and what he brings to the table. He also discusses their earlier work with Rick Rubin and the groundbreaking Gathering of the Tribes concert that he put together with Bill Graham.

For longtime Cult fans, the new Hidden City album will be a welcome arrival. It sounds like a Cult record and the songwriting and performances from the group, which still features Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy as the main creative drivers, are solid.

The band is out on the road starting this week for the start of their Alive in the Hidden City North American tour. They’ll play two months worth of dates on this initial run which is currently set to wrap up in mid-April.

Our thanks to Ian for the time. Check out the new Cult album Hidden City and if they’re coming to your town, go see a show. You can visit the band online at

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Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Episode 11: Ian Astbury

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