John Waite

This week our guest is John Waite.

You know John from his work with The Babys, Bad English and of course, his extensive solo career.

He’ll put all of that music to good use with his upcoming Wooden Heart Acoustic tour, which kicks off on April 2. Check out John’s website to see all of the tour dates.

We spoke with John to talk about the tour, the Wooden Heart EP, which helped to inspire the idea for doing these shows — and he also shared with us where he’s at creatively these days. He’s got some fun projects in the hopper as well.

This is my third interview with John and some of you might be interested in reading my 2013 conversation with him where we spoke about a lot of additional subjects.

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Lost Together with Matt Wardlaw, Episode 14: John Waite

Photo Credit: Hillary Duff

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