Back in 2014, I told you about Paul Maged, a socially conscious rocker with an edge and a bone to pick. His new single, “The Wild,” kicks it up a big ol’ notch and finds Maged at a loss, exploring the moment when a human loses the ability to reason and lets rage and emotion take over. Maged as the narrator takes on a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona — someone who knows he’s completely out of control but can do nothing about it. And, to be honest, it doesn’t really sound like he wants to.

From your average rocker, the track would be enough of a head trip, but from someone like Maged who has a history of striving to raise social awareness and shove a mirror in front of the populus’ face, it’s obvious that it’s coming from a deep, dark place. Hopefully the whole world takes heed — who knows what Maged will do next.

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