[VIDEO] Max Burgundy – “Life Ain’t Funny” (Mashable Premiere)

New York, NY – Not since Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” has a music video so vividly captured the grog and grind of the real New York City. With his trusty boombox in hand, hip hop MC Max Burgundy busks through subways, maneuvers through dizzying crowds, and raps in the middle of zooming traffic. In “Life Ain’t Funny”, director Oliver Irving takes us on an adventure through the city and into the life of our homeless character Max. One scene shows Max on the “Henry Rivera” street in the Bronx which was named after his father who died saving someone’s life. For those in the NYC area, be sure to check him out at Tammany Hall on June 29th.

Hailing from the streets of the Bronx and currently living in Brooklyn, Max Burgundy’s sound is a fresh combination of city flair and articulate, songwriter artistry. His raw and colorful style, along with his ability to blend genres, has already earned Burgundy comparisons to successful hip hop peers including Polaris Music Prize nominee Shad and the legendary Del the Funky Homosapien.

As demonstrated on his debut EP Waiting, Burgundy’s addictive beats are consistently and cleverly highlighted by bright lyrics, making his material a helix of sonic pleasure. On “Hey Love!” Burgundy manages to pack a steady rhythm, bright instrumental ornamentation, and a genuine story of obsession delivered by glowing vocals into a sultry four minutes.

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