Today marks the four-year anniversary of one of the only intelligent decisions I’ve ever made, so in commemoration, here’s an unapologetically mush-filled collection of tunes that always make me think about how lucky I am and stuff.

Oh yeah, and thanks to this fancy new link system that Amazon’s testing out, all you have to do is mouse over most of these album titles to see product details. Snazz!

Shawn Mullins – Somethin’ to Believe In Á¢€” from Beneath the Velvet Sun.
XTC – We’re All Light Á¢€” from Wasp Star.
Mason Jennings – Butterfly Á¢€” from Mason Jennings.
Neil Finn – Throw Your Arms Around Me (live) Á¢€” I believe this is from the Sessions at West 54th DVD.
Kevin Fisher – Experience Á¢€” co-written by my good pal Fred Wilhelm, this deserves to be a hit for someone someday. From Noun Verb Noun.
Bob Schneider – The World Exploded into Love Á¢€” from Lonelyland.
Andrew Hyra – Safe Hands Á¢€” from Spill, the (so far as I know) only solo album from one-half of what used to be Billy Pilgrim. It’s out of print. We’ll host the whole thing here someday.
The Push Stars – Meltaway Á¢€” from Opening Time.
David Mead – Standing Here in Front of Me Á¢€” from Mine and Yours.
Richard Shindell – Spring Á¢€” from Somewhere Near Paterson.
Willy Porter – Unconditional Á¢€” from Willy Porter.
Randy Newman – Feels Like Home (live) Á¢€” from The Best of Randy Newman.
Joe Henry – Scar Á¢€” from Scar.
Jude Cole – You Make It Easy Á¢€” from Falling Home.

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