I know that this website has been quiet over the past few months. But that’s all about to change. And boy, are you going to be sorry.

You may recall a little series that Jeff and I undertook last December. It was entitled The Twelve Days Of Mellowmas, and it represented all that was both wonderful and awful about the holidays. For twelve straight days, Jeff and I listened to some of the worst holiday music imaginable – a different song each day – and shared not only the song, but our live conversation with all of you.

The original intention was to only cover songs recorded by Mellow Gold artists, but unfortunately, we found that many of our favorite/least favorite artists simply didn’t record mellow holiday gems – especially not during the Mellow Gold era of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Therefore, Mellowmas extended itself to ludicrous/crappy music in general. The spirit is still the same as Mellow Gold – we listen to music that shames us and invite you to celebrate our pain.

This year, Jeff and I are going above and beyond the call of duty. We decided you, the reader, deserved more than just twelve shitty holiday tracks. This year, you’re in for a very special/horrible treat.


Can you handle it? Can you fully embrace Mellowmas into your heart and soul this holiday season? (Talk about a bleak mid-winter!)

Find out this Saturday, December 1st, as we unveil our very first Mellowmas track of the season, and come back every day until Christmas to hear a new “gem.” We’re hearing a bunch of them for the very first time as we begin our conversation, so we encourage you to listen as you read; there will be both download and streaming options for those not willing to put such songs on their hard drives. And, as is the celebrated norm around here, we hope you will comment on what you find “special” about each track.

Come back and visit us this Saturday!  Tell your friends and enemies!  Happy Mellowmas to all! And to all a miserable night!

Much thanks to longtime reader/blogger Terje for his brilliant Mellowmas graphic!

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