A teenage, “hard rock” band – well, yes.  This Southern California quartet delivers a strong  5-song mini-album with some nicely heavy numbers and good production.  There’s a very ’70’s feel in the opening  track. “Shut You Down” and I like it.  It isn’t weighed down in just heaviness, but wrapped in very solid melody.  “Behind Green Eyes” has a good and well-structured melody; if there’s a weak spot, it’s the vocals – both the lead and background don’t do the song enough justice, except on the chorus, where the harmonies shine.  I do give it points for an on-the-one guitar solo that fits.  “Normalcy” walks closely to the edge of a “grunge”-type number, but saves itself with the bridge and chorus – and on this song, the harmonies and backing vocals enhance the song’s power.  “Fall Of Icarus” has some dynamic riffs, a dramatic build and great arrangements.  “Kingdom Of No One” has an anthem-y feel with a full chorus laden with harmony (this band knows what its doing) and I can only imagine it becomes a crowd favorite in their future.  And that’s the key – their future.  If Galvanized Souls continue to write these kinds of songs and deliver albums of this e.p.’s nature, then they have a very bright future ahead of them – and I wish them all the best.  It would be well-deserved.

Not included was a cover version of Cher’s “Believe” – done for the sake of trying to help teens deal/cope with the stresses of their lives and the pointlessness and destruction of suicide, so I will share the video below.  Done for the right reasons – I applaud a band that will try to educate as well as entertain.




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