It’s almost June, and time for people to completely lose it when it comes to locking in all the elements that goes into a wedding. If you’re a regular to this feature, you know that I logged in quite a few years as a mobile DJ. Weddings were my bread and butter, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played the following songs in this mix, but I can tell you that even at the most stressful weddings, these songs have the most soothing effect over Bridezillas, Fatherzillas, Motherzillas, Groomzillas, and every other “Zilla” you’ve ever met at a wedding reception.

Nat King Cole/Natalie Cole, “Unforgettable”

When I first heard this single, I really thought it would have a limited shelf life. But it’s 17 years later, and it’s still a top “first dance” song. I haven’t heard this song in years (because I don’t do the mobile DJ thing anymore), but it’s clear that this had “classic” written all over it and I was just too cynical to think that anything could equal the original.

Luther Vandross, “Here and Now”

Oh Luther, can you believe this single included on your greatest hits compilation would be bigger than anything else on that CD? I realize I’m asking a question to a guy who is no longer among us, but if you look at the track listing on this CD 19 years after its release, it’s amazing to see where this song it placed on the CD.

Tony Bennett, “The Way You Look Tonight”

Sure, I could have put in the Frank Sinatra version, but which version was in My Best Friend’s Wedding? Uh-huh. Laugh all you want, but when it comes to the “Aawww, I love this song” factor for brides to be, this version gets more votes than “Old Blue Eyes.” Sorry, Frank.

Anne Murray, “Could I Have This Dance”

Every now and then, I would get a wedding where the couple just loves, loves loves, country music. I, however, don’t love country music. But because I was the hired jukebox, I played what the people wanted — even if this something like this.

Righteous Brothers, “Unchained Melody”

The power of film could be a sub-theme of this mix. I mean, you have songs from My Best Friend’s Wedding, Urban Cowboy, and now Ghost. But a classic is a classic, I guess.

Boyz II Men, “On Bended Knee”

Since Luther Vandross’ untimely death, I think Boyz II Men now have the market locked up on the big dances. You’ve got “End of the Road” for every high school and middle school graduation, and now “On Bended Knee” is a favorite at wedding receptions. Now if “One Sweet Day” can just find it’s way into funerals, I think the “Boyz” will be well on their way to getting the “cradle to grave” soundtrack covered.