Each Thanksgiving at the Flucke household, we have a special tradition where we open up the mojo bag and drop in some new gris-gris, playing Dr. John and Professor Longhair while we’re doing it, in order to refresh its magical powers for warding off neoconservative politics and their self-serving media mouthpieces like that Connecticut elitist Ann Coulter and her sociopath pal Rush. We got a little something extra for Sarah Palin, too.

Apparently, the stuff we put in the bag last Thanksgiving wasn’t strong enough because those clowns are annoying as ever, and even louder than last year at this time. Alternately, it might have worked just fine but Rush and Ann consulted with some witch doctor to give them some stronger stuff. That, or they’re just yelling more.

Either way, we’re trying to get our Mojo workin’ in a new way this year, by doing a comparative mixtape of seven versions of the classic Preston Foster song originally recorded by Ann Cole but popularized by Muddy Waters, who grabbed that composition by the horns and made it one of his signature tunes. Enjoy, and remember this is powerful stuff not to be taken lightly.

Ann Cole — The original single.

Muddy Waters — His 1956 single version.

Shadows of Knight — Great garage-rockin’ cover.

Carla Thomas (live) — You want Stax? We got Stax. Don’t know for sure but that sure sounds like Booker, Dunn, Cropper & Co. backing her up.

Professor Longhair — In terms of gris-gris, this one’s got the mostest.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band — Featuring Mike Bloomfield, the subject of the last Cold Shot.

Jimmy Smith — From the Verve “little big band years,” known for generally lame arrangements. But this version features the Hammond B-3 great’s gritty singing, an underappreciated talent of his, along with the smokin’ Hammond solos, fills, comping, and pedals.

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