Released exclusively to indie record retailers, this limited-edition, individually-numbered live EP captures Weezer onstage in Japan (circa 2002), where the band is worshipped and Rivers Cuomo is able to satiate his jones for shy Asian girls (okay, that was then this is now…we hear tell he’s engaged – to an Asian woman).

As live albums go, the band turns in sturdy, by-the-numbers versions of “Island In The Sun” and “Dope Nose“, as well as rocked-up readings of Pinkerton-era gems, “El Scorcho” and “Falling For You“. “Death & Destruction” is given an atmospheric, heartfelt treatment and an obvious standout on this release. Quite frankly, I’d given the song short thrift until I heard it on this EP. A loose, yet inspired version of “Holiday” rounds out the EP.

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