Let us take a quick trip back to the land of Cutouts Gone Wild! and unearth a song that was heard by roughly 17 people upon its release in 1989.

It had been nearly three years since Julian Lennon had released an album, and five years since he had released a hit album. Mr. Jordan had its work cut out for it to say the least, and the Bowietastic lead single Á¢€Å“Now YouÁ¢€™re in Heaven,Á¢€ well, it just confused people. He doesnÁ¢€™t sound like his father anymore. WhatÁ¢€™s wrong with him? Imagine what kind of panic would have taken place had they heard him channeling Elvis on Á¢€Å“I Get Up.Á¢€

But Á¢€Å“AngilletteÁ¢€ is the song that I gravitated to as a heartbroken college kid. And upon re-inspection of the lyrics, IÁ¢€™m not sure why. What exactly is wrong with the girl heÁ¢€™s addressing? Is she using Julian as a booty call boy toy? (Á¢€Å“Please donÁ¢€™t call me like youÁ¢€™ve always done before / As if I need to know, am I your basic whoreÁ¢€) Is she suicidal? (Á¢€Å“CanÁ¢€™t you save her Lord, Á¢€Ëœcause I just seem to miss / ThereÁ¢€™s only so much one can do to save a friend / IÁ¢€™ve given her my all, itÁ¢€™s useless to the endÁ¢€) Lastly, what is her actual name? ‘Cause it ain’t Angillette. The opening line to the song is actually Á¢€Å“Have a nice day with your Stoli and Gillette.Á¢€ Get it? Wocka wocka wocka! But wait, what Gillette? The actor? The glam singer? The shaving cream? The football stadium?

So yeah, I never quite got the song as a whole, but found the cascading piano melody and tasteful guitar playing irresistible, plus the last line in the chorus rang true as my relationship with College Ex #1 (we’ll call her Jane) wound down: Á¢€Å“I want my life back / I want you.Á¢€ ItÁ¢€™s not profound, but it sure hit the mark.

Julian Lennon – Angillette

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