This week, director James Cameron laid claim to mountains coming out of the sky and standing there.

Anyone who has a thing for 70’s prog rock and science fiction probably wondered if Cameron did too when they saw 2009’s Avatar, with its alien territories and sky-borne islands that seemed suspiciously close to those of famed Yes album cover artist Roger Dean. Apparently Dean felt the same.

In June 2013, Dean filed a legal action at a court in New York against Cameron, accusing him of “willful and deliberate copying, dissemination and exploitation” of his well-known designs. Dean was looking for damages of $50 million dollars. This week, U.S. District Court Judge Jesse M. Furman dismissed the suit, saying that several of Dean’s claims were ”misguided.”

Cameron has three sequels planned. One takes place on a dark planet with a giant rainbow-making prism and another features a big, screaming, pink face with bad teeth. Upon the dismissal, Cameron’s representatives were heard to say that those who put up lawsuits against them “should not surround themselves with themselves.”


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