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Every band has one: the story of a completely disastrous train wreck of a show. Sometimes it’s the band’s own fault; sometimes it’s the sound guy, sometimes it’s the venue, sometimes it’s what the insurance people call an “act of God.”

Then there are the shows where someone in the audience gets a little out of hand. This week, drummer Phanie Diaz from San Antonio rock trio Girl in a Coma shares a cautionary tale from one such performance.

In 2006 or early 2007 we were playing at a venue called the Sanctuary in San Antonio. All was going great when all of a sudden a fan runs on stage and decides to stage dive during one of our slower songs called “Their Cell.” I don’t think the crowd was expecting that and instead of catching him cleared the way. He ended up knocking himself out and on went the house lights. We only got to play half the set.

Lesson here: Don’t stage dive during slow songs!

Girl in a Coma are currently on tour with Blue October in support of their latest album, the excellent Exits and All the Rest. If you go see them and really feel the need to stage dive, we recommend doing it during “Hope” or “In the Day.”

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