Those of you who follow me on Twitter are probably sick and tired of me talking about how great MyNameIsJohnMichael are, but hey, too damn bad — as I argued in my interview with frontman John Michael Rouchell last year, they’re one of the most exciting young bands around right now, and God as my witness, if I could possibly make any of these tour dates, I totally would. Alas, I cannot, so I will have to live vicariously through the sons of bitches who are lucky enough to soak in all that good-timey MyNameIsJohnMichael liveness. I hate them so much.

Oh, and also: the band is releasing a new EP, Orphans and Elders, which they’ll be selling at shows and via their website as a sort of appetizer for their upcoming album Picture Perfect Past. The new record is terrific, but while you’re waiting for them to finish it and put it someplace where you can give them money for it, Orphans and Elders is a fine, fine distraction. Take a look at these tour dates and mark your calendar accordingly:

5/30 — Asheville, NC
5/31 — Vienna, VA
6/01 — Philadelphia, PA
6/03 — Brooklyn, NY
6/04 — New York, NY
6/06 — Charlottesville, VA
6/07 — Charlotte, NC
6/09 — Augusta, GA
6/11 — Atlanta, GA
6/12 — Chattanooga, TN
6/13 — Nashville, TN
6/15 — New Orleans, LA
6/16 — Oxford, MS
6/18 — Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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