Could I get any more excited for the release of Bonnie Raitt’s new album, Slipstream, on April 10? Possibly, if she’d agree to let me interview her. (Call me, Bonnie!) But otherwise, I’m pretty much thoroughly primed to hear her first new music since 2005’s Souls Alike.

And speaking of Souls Alike, Bonnie’s teasing the new record with this 2009 live recording of a cut from her last album. “I Don’t Want Anything to Change” is performed here as a gorgeous duet with the song’s co-writer (and a mighty fine artist her own right), Maia Sharp. It’s tasteful but awfully, awfully pretty — and in the live setting, they leave some of the bumps and wrinkles in, which is exactly what I’m hoping to hear from Slipstream.

Listen below — and pre-order your copy of the new album today.

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