cdcoverfinalIt kind of happened all of a sudden. Through the late ’90s and into the early aughts, buzz built about a New Jersey metal band called Core Device. They released a handful of EPs, were getting great reviews and plum opening spots for bands like Nevermore, Symphony X, OverKill. They released their first full-length, Our Fellowship Eternal (2004), independently, toured Japan and Canada and were getting notices normally reserved for groups twice their age, seven times their budget and possessing big-label machinery behind them. Their mission: to bring back the metal to America. Then, nothing.

The funny thing about missions is that they never really end, but go to ground until the time is right to strike. Fortunately for fans of heavy music, 2009 appears to be that time. The official word on their site, as well as their MySpace and ReverbNation pages, is that their follow-up, What I’ve Become, is almost ready to roll. They’ve even provided a taste of what’s in store with a track called “Spiritual” — From the start, it’s evident that the sound is tighter and meatier, without sacrificing the harmonies and hooks that got them noticed in the first place.

The release date is not set at the moment, according to the sites, but a projected timeframe is early summer. The band is also promising that the CD will be for sale at their shows — and there will be shows. The mission continues…

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