Life in a Blender, the absurdist New York band fronted by Don Ralph since 1987, are getting set to release their ninth studio album, ”We Already Have Birds that Sing,” which will be available on April 13. You can stream the first single, ”Tongue-Cut Sparrow,” below.

The song was inspired by a real-life story by Mitsu Sundvall. Apparently her cousin was a burlesque dancer in 1950s San Francisco. As the lyrics say, ”She’s adored by all the men / Even Sinatra says he’s a friend / Most of her family don’t understand / But grandma’s in the audience giving her a hand.” Ralph recognized some similarities between her career path and the one he has chosen. ”Despite being told repeatedly by family and others not to pursue a career in burlesque, Mitsu’s cousin found her creative voice in boozy theaters filled with music and questionable behaviors.  Her story parallels Life in a Blender’s exactly, except we wear smaller tassels,” he deadpans.

”We Already Have Birds that Sing” is the follow-up to 2011’s ”Homewrecker Spoon.” Our own Dw. Dunphy praised its eclectic and unpredictable nature, comparing it favorably to Talking Heads and Modest Mouse and saying, ”You have at any given moment a horn section, banjo and mandolin, violin/viola/cello, and a nicely skewed musical perception throwing them into the figurative blender (pun intended) with the guitar/drum/bass standard.” Ralph also wrote about one of the songs from that album, ”Sean Connery,” for us a few months later..

You can pre-order the seven-song album — $7 for digital and $10 for the CD, both of which come with an immediate download of ”Tongue-Cut Sparrow” — from their website.

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