fun., Imagine Dragons and Foster the People are HUGE bands band with members that you can’t name and frontmen you couldn’t pick out of a police lineup. None of em make tawdry headlines the way rock stars did when I was a kid.  They’re still loaded and dating supermodels, but they just aren’t very fun. Neither is (former?) fun. frontman, Nate Ruess; he aims to raise his profile this summer when he launches his first solo affair.

Theres only so much blissfully subdued sad Beck a man can listen to before he needs a good balls to the wall anthem to get though the tail end of winter. ‘Nothing Without Love’ is a mighty fine rafter shaker. BIG props to Ruess for singing live while nearly drowning in the video.

Besides the senseless death of a grand piano, the only misstep here is burying Lykke Li in the audio mix. Lykke Li is the “more cowbell” of alternative rock — use as directed. Perhaps an ethereal remix is in order where we can hear her shine for a moment.

nate ruess nothing without love

Pick up ‘Nothing Without Love’ today on itunes or Amazon MP3. Read more about Nate Reuss and his upcoming Fueled by Ramen album at Rolling Stone.

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