“What kind of name is Vassy?” you might be asking, to which I respond, “the kind of name you come up with when your birth certificate says ‘Vasiliki Karagiorgos,’ that’s what.” Anyway, our young Vasiliki has been busy building quite the career for herself as a performer and songwriter, collaborating with some of the folks who have helped turn Pink, OneRepublic, and Nicki Minaj into superstars — but with her new album Beautiful Day just around the corner, she’s getting our attention the 21st century way: by recording live-in-the-studio covers of other people’s hits and posting them to YouTube.

Example: Vassy’s cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know,” the Gotye smash that, according to Billboard’s latest data, you are probably listening to right now. Just pause it for a minute and listen to Vassy’s version, which comes complete with xylophone:

[youtube id=”IbhGCTWB6nU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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