In honor of Net Neutrality, there is just about something for everyone in this week’s round-up of hot new tracks:

MUSE “¢ Dead Inside

After getting their Queens of the Stone Age on with ‘Psycho‘, the first release from their upcoming concept album, Drones, MUSE scales it back a notch with follow-up ‘Dead Inside’. This trippier, more logical follow-up to the dubsteppy feel of their last album, still sizzles. The video borrows a bit much from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Give it Away’, but so long as Marvin Gaye’s family doesn’t detect a trace of ‘Sexual Healing’, Muse will be fine.

Muse Drones 2015

Two singles in as many weeks, pace yourself Warner Brothers, Drones (co-produced by Muse and Robert John “Mutt” Lange) ain’t out til June 9.

Charli XCX “¢ Famous

What’s that sinking feeling? The inexplicable underperformance of Charli XCX’s sophomore LP, Sucker. it debuted shockingly low (#28 on the Billboard 200) for a major label album with such a massive promotional push. It quickly fell off the 200, but that’s not stopping her from releasing new videos. The strong-arm sales tactic to sell the album is part of the fun of this super creepy video. Don’t cry for her Argentina, in the time it took me to write this paragraph, she still made more money off royalties from her string of global chart topping singles than I will make all year.

Sucker is a good album. True Romance is utterly fucking fantastic. Why not buy both?

Christine Martucci “¢ Angels of War


Christine Martucci_image MED

For years, Martucci has built a loyal following in Bruce Springsteen’s beloved Asbury Park, NJ. With her fourth album, Angels of War, Martucci speaks openly about her life as a closeted lesbian during her 10 year stint with the US Army at the height of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell. Happy and healthy, she finally sings of her struggle to find acceptance and sanity after a suicide attempt and spiritual awakening. But don’t expect a downer of a record, joy and love balance the heartbreak and catharsis throughout the set. Marc Swersky, co-producer of POPDOSE favorite Live Free and Love by Gedeon Luke and the People enlists Luke (backing vocals), songwriters Charlie Midnight (James Brown, Joni Mitchell) and Brielle Brown (Gedeon Luke, Jacquie Lee), drummer Steve Holley (Paul McCartney & Wings) and a cast of musicians to help Martucci bring her vivid tales of survival and resilience to life. Angels of War is out next month. If you’re anywhere near Asbury Park on April 4th, check out her album release show at The Stone Pony.

Connect with Christine Martucci via her official website and facebook.

X&Y “¢ This Love

X&Y 2

Anyone who is too heartbroken by what’s his face leaving One Direction can find solace in the beautiful sound stylings of X&Y, a fresh faced trio of lads straight outta London. Secaina Hudson, noted remixer of James Blake, Little Dragon and Katy Perry produced this heavenly single. They’re working with Toby Gad (Beyonce, John Legend, Madonna), among others, on their full length debut.

Connect with X&Y on facebook and instagram.

Vinyette “¢ Just to Get Away

Vinyette 2

Are you ready to rock? I sure am and this band delivers a jangly dallop of exhilarating power pop. Vinyette is a New York-based rock band who was wise enough to bee-line to the legendary Magic Shop (a studio featured in Foo Fighters’ HBO series Sonic Highways) with producer Jimi Zhivago (Norah Jones, Rufus Wainright). Listen and download it here:

See more videos on Vinyette’s official website. Connect with them on facebook.

Jessica Domingo “¢ Everything Just Wasn’t Enough

Jessica DomingoJessica Domingo is one of Seattle’s brightest young talents and the pride of the Filipino Community. Her voice and style is a gentle stroll between Norah Jones and Arianna Grande. Her covers have racked up a million views (and counting) on YouTube and her debut full-length, Just Vibe, was an easy, breezy, beautiful jazzy pop delight. She’s since followed with the promising pop track, ‘Masterpiece’ and this absolutely lovely new song that’s more in line with Vibe‘s tender vibe. Perhaps these sunny songs are the reason why Seattle had one of its mildest winters in ages. If you’re living in the snow belt, use these tunes to warm your toes. Check em both out below.

Connect with Jessica Domingo via facebook or her website.

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