The dance-y pop band Electric Guest is comprised of Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton plus a supporting cast of live players. The band began in earnest when Asa’s brother (Jorma Taccone, who you might know from the musical/comedy troupe The Lonely Island of “Dick in a Box”/SNL fame) introduced him via phone to Danger Mouse, sparking a musical relationship that developed organically into Danger Mouse producing the 10 songs that were unveiled to the world in April 2012 as Mondo.

Since then Electric Guest has toured relentlessly, been hailed by MTV as an Artist to Watch, been nominated for an MTVu Woodie, and had its praises sung by the likes of Entertainment Weekly, Nylon, Time Out New York, Blackbook, Filter and more.

They recently released a choreography-licious video for Mondo’s latest single, “The Bait.” The dance-heavy video is an homage to Lars Von Trier’s film Dogville, which was inspired by the US’ 1929 financial crisis. Shot in Paris, ”The Bait” was directed by Jonas & Francois, and choreographed by the French duo I Could Never Be A Dancer.  Give it a look, why don’t you?

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