According to SiteMeter (which hasn’t been running as long as the site’s been up, but whatever), this place registered its 20,000th visitor today.

This makes me feel like having a contest.

Here’s the deal: I’m going to give away one (1) $20 iTunes gift certificate to the lucky contestant who spreads the good word to the most people. By “good word,” naturally, I mean “gushing hyperbole about this here blog”; by “the most people,” I mean “more than anyone else.”1

Obviously, I need proof, which means this all has to take place via e-mail. E-mail your friends, loved ones, other bloggers large and small, grandparents, whatever…just remember to cc: me at jefito @ I’ll keep track studiously. True, I suck at math, but I do have a calculator here with lots of buttons; I’m sure it can handle addition.

This contest will run until…oh, hell, I don’t know, one week from today? How’s that? Yeah. A week from today. The lucky winner will be notified by me, and it will be AWESOME.

1Yes, I know Steve from The Sneeze just held a similar contest. But all he gave away was a box of Band-Aids that look like strips of bacon. Who loves ya, baby?

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