First of all, a word of heartfelt thanks to everyone who has volunteered assistance of any kind in this mess…hopefully I won’t need it, but it’s nice to be reminded (again!) what a supportive bunch you all are.

Now, for an update. The computer’s in the shop, and is due for a pickup this afternoon; this has nothing to do with the music drive, though — that’s in someone else’s hands. Everybody seems reasonably confident that all or most of my collection can be easily saved. I hope this confidence is rewarded. I’ll find out more this afternoon.

As for how this started, well, there were some good intentions and some hubris on my part, with predictable results. Without getting too geeky, I switched out my Intel motherboard and P4 processor for an Asus/AMD combo, and tried to make the jump without doing a fresh XP install. Bad idea. I don’t think this caused the music drive to go on strike, but I’m sure the two are related somehow.

Anyway, hopefully by this time tomorrow, the whole thing will be a bad memory. The good part of all this is that my system will have over 1TB of storage…all the better for continuing to bring you guys the music…

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I can bring you our planned They Might Be Giants Idiot’s Guide tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like it’ll work out that way. But I’ll get this thing back on track as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for your patience and support.

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