Parlour to Parlour 2013

I’m sure she thinks I’m way off, but I think of San Francisco’s Debbie Neigher as a sort of American Adele. If anything, it’s only because she’s an equally gifted singer/pianist/songwriter with voice that commands attention. And though she leans less on classic soul tropes than Adele, she could entrance the same audience as Adele if only given the chance.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Debbie Neigher has been making music in San Francisco for the past four years, both on her own and with bands like Split Screens and Tidelands. I first met her back in 2010, at the very same show where I first heard Obo Martin and Bart Davenport play live. Local promoter Jessie Woletz introduced me to Debbie, who was just an audience member that night, after the show had ended. Not long after, I finally caught one of Debbie’s own shows, and saw many others after that one.

It would be best to simply let Debbie take over telling her story from here. She’s a joy to be around, and her positivity comes through loud and clear in her interview. To top it off, she gave us a typically powerful performance to enjoy of a song from her forthcoming second album, the John Vanderslice produced Unravel.

The interview:

The performance:

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