Phagz on 45

Because absolutely no one the editorial staff demanded it — John C. Hughes and the world’s foremost Belinda Carlisle impersonator, a.k.a. his buddy Matty (or “Bearlinda,” if you prefer), return to knock back some booze and review some ABBA songs, homo style (is there really any other way?). Along the way, they end up talking about their teachers’ “golden globes,” Curt Smith’s dumb life choices and if “That’s Me” is disco or bluegrass. Enjoy, and as always, MP3s of the songs are below so you can follow along at home.

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ABBA — “When I Kissed The Teacher” (download)

ABBA — “Hey, Hey Helen” (download)

ABBA — “That’s Me” (download)

ABBA — “You Owe Me One” (download)

ABBA — “Under Attack” (download)