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This week, it’s a read that’s both scurrilous and educational…

Five things I learned from the revised and expanded paperback edition of Tales From Development Hell: The Greatest Movies Never Made?, by David Hughes:

It’s a goddam miracle that any movie, good or bad, ever gets made at all. A feature film can fall apart at literally any point in the intricate process of its making and marketing. You might think that a Ridley Scott thriller with Robert Redford in the lead would be bulletproof — but Hughes details how The Hot Zone came to pieces literally days before the start of filming. A movie is a creature as delicate as Tinkerbell; if it is to survive, everybody involved must believe in it. A momentary wavering of faith, a withdrawal of financing, and a project dies.

Everybody is in awe of Paul Verhoeven. The Dutch director’s movies are lurid trash, but they’re self-aware trash — which in Hollywood makes him some kind of genius. Much is made of Verhoeven’s doctorate degree in mathematics, and of the fact that he’ll spend a long time polishing a script to his satisfaction—then shoot it word for word, which is practically unprecedented.

Don’t believe anybody when they say it’s ”just business”: It’s personal, all right. Ego is necessary for creativity — but you’d think that in Hollywood, where the screenwriter’s job is a revolving door, you might find basic standards of professional detachment. Not so, says Hughes; bad blood comes with the business…

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