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Fantagraphics Books rolls on with their hardcover library collection The Complete Peanuts, with the latest installment spotlighting 1979 and 1980. Charlie Brown and I go way back, and the longer I live, the more I realize Charlie Brown was not a put-upon child, but a middle-aged man. Furthermore, Charlie Brown is me.

The evidence: bald? Yes, we have no follicles. How about an irrational attraction to redheads? Check. Do I talk to dogs, and do they talk back to me? Yes and no; dogs do not talk, you silly person.

More than anything, my self-esteem could be characterized as shockingly poor, which is surely the epidemic of modern life. Even those of us who are doing well feel completely inadequate, and if we don’t, we’re frighteningly stupid and ought to feel inadequate.

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