As you’ve surely heard by now, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham are planning on launching a Led Zeppelin tour and album without Robert Plant, and are “trying out a couple of singers.” They’ve said they aren’t looking for a Plant soundalike, so we thought we’d see if we can’t all put our heads together to come up with a suitably bizarre list of left-field candidates for the job.

We’ll get the ball rolling with three of our favorite choices:

1. Kenny Loggins
2. Clay Aiken
3. Art Garfunkel

Now we want to hear your nominees — and we even have a prize for you: The person who submits our favorite wildly inappropriate fill-in for Robert Plant will receive a brand spanking new copy of The Who at Kilburn: 1977, a DVD release from the Who’s archives that’s reaching shelves on November 18. Follow the link to check out details (and watch a 93-second clip), then help the Led Zep remnants find their new lead singer! You can enter as many times as you like, right here in the comments, and the contest will remain open until we say it’s over. Good luck!

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