Look at Dierks Bentley, readers. So handsome. And we have it on good authority that he’s sitting on this motorcycle, thinking, “Man, I sure wish I could have some Popdose readers at my concert on August 18th at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. I’d even give ’em two free PRIORITY ACCESS tickets, courtesy of our friends at Samsung and AT&T.”*

Dierks, we’re here to make your sexy wish come true.

On August 18th, Mr. Bentley will be performing in Atlanta as part of the Samsung AT&T Summer Krush Series, and we do indeed have two totally free PRIORITY ACCESS tickets for you!

To win, all you have to do is connect Dierks Bentley to this dude:

Richard Kind!

That’s TV’s Richard Kind. The two are connected by a certain affiliation, and it’s not their hairdresser. Wikipedia is your friend, people.

Enter the contest by e-mailing Robert Cass with your answer. A correct answer will be chosen at random on Sunday, August 17th. Please don’t enter if you can’t make the concert; it makes us angry, and you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

We’ll be offering tickets to future Samsung AT&T Summer Krush shows, including Darius Rucker and Maxwell, so check back soon! And click below to find out more about the Summer Krush series!

*Note: Dierks Bentley may not actually be thinking any of the above. But he sure is handsome.

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