Lee DeWyze is five albums into his career and things are about to get a lot more interesting. His music has always been earnest and entertaining, from the two albums that preceded his national debut (Slumberland and So I’m Told — both on Wuli Records), to the three that followed Live it Up (RCA), Frames (Vanguard) and Oil & Water (Shanachie). When ‘Blackbird Song‘ was featured on AMC’s The Walking Dead, YouTube views shot to 6 million, Spotify streams exceeded 3 million and it sold more than 75,000 copies. This weekend, DeWyze’s latest single, a non-album cut called ‘Weight’, will be featured on CBS’s hit show, Elementary. Could a similar or bigger fate follow? Let’s hope.

Why wait? Popdose is proud to present the world premiere.

This track is exactly where I’ve been wanting DeWyze to go. It’s a bit darker and edgier than what’s come before. Fans of Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses, hell even Sia, should listen up.

“I went into the studio with so much emotion. I decided to put the guitar down. I sat at the piano and tried to convey how I felt in that moment into a song, ” said DeWyze. “That’s how ‘Weight’ was created. I wanted to have the power of a ballad, masked behind the simplicity of just a piano, vocals, & harmonies.”

Hungry for more?

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Pick up ‘Weight’ on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Lee DeWyze is heading back out on the road, a show I highly recommend seeing. Piano or not, backing band or not, all the man needs is a guitar and a microphone and the room is his. New tour dates just announced, check em out here.

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