Popdose presents – exclusively – from Brooklyn-based indie blues-soul singer/songwriter James VIII his newest track, “Blueberry Wine”.

With such a wide range of influences, James VIII’s sound is not easily categorized into any one genre, but he defines it simply as soul music. In his own words, this is ”music made with conviction and passion. You can hear someone’s heart when they wear it on their sleeve and that’s what I pursue every time I step on stage. I close my eyes, let my face look as ridiculous as it feels inclined to look, and lose myself in expression. I’m not trying to sound like anything or anyone in particular really, I’m just trying to get a feeling across in a way that will resonate.”

About the song, he says, “This song only took about 20 minutes to write, because it sort of felt like I had already heard it, or knew it somehow. The message; the melody; the arrangement – it all was sort of right there in my ear from the beginning, so the song came really quickly, and it became something that I am really proud of because everything about it sort of just feels right. ”

Listen and decide!  The ears have it.

James VIII will release his VIII E.P. on June 1, 2018.


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