Popdose is pleased to present an exclusive new track from Chicago-based Jonas Friddle, as his upcoming album, The Last Place to Go, is due out April 12th.  After two studio albums with indie-folk supergroup, The Majority,  this new release marks a move to a more intimate sound and a focus on storytelling. Recorded live and straight to tape, the performance of ”Drinking in a Dry Town” makes the listener feel like they are in the room with the band, reminiscing with old friends. Friddle’s vocals and vintage Gibson guitar are supported by carefully arranged drums, bass, keys, and fiddle.  The result is a widely textured sound that remains intimate with the words in focus. The single will be released March 18.

“This new album has a lot of inspiration from growing up in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, and I was working hard on a different song about that time when “Drinking in a Dry Town” interrupted. It surprised me. You don’t always see how people are struggling at the time, and looking back, it’s rough to realize what they were going through. I’ve worried about playing this song live and will sometimes skip it sometimes, because it’s a painful topic – but when I do play it, there is always someone after the show who tells me how much it connected with them. I think it acknowledges a struggle that a lot of people can identify with in some way.”



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