Weinstein-coverBoston musician Noam Weinstein has given Popdose exclusive access to the track “Hey Girl” — from his upcoming album On Waves — as a gift to you in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Weinstein has released eight studio albums, has collaborated with artists like Heather Masse, Sam Sadigursky, Mike Viola, and Norah Jones, and his song “I Can Hurt People” was featured on the Showtime series Weeds.

On Waves is a concept album of sorts, either chronicling or attempting to work through major life changes for the “adult-child”: navigating the last days and eventual passing of a parent, the moment one becomes a parent themselves, the eventual challenges of couple-hood when it is upended by the immediacy of parenthood, and dealing with the emotional waves of all these as they roll in and pass over, as the album’s title signifies.

Hey Girl” fits into this frame sneakily. It’s a slinky, lite-funk jam about trying to get that special someone in the mood for love, or at least keeping them awake after washing up the kids and putting them to bed.

While his relationship with his wife and birth of his child are significant portions of On Waves, the real under-girding of the effort is the process of Weinstein experiencing the passing of his mother, and all the small traumas that lead up to it. Weinstein is quoted: ”I wouldn’t know how to do justice to my mom in one song or a thousand. But I knew that in the last months of her life, more than ever, I needed to write, and I needed to sing.”

Noam Weinstein releases his new album On Waves on Leap Day (February 29, 2016). It will be available through all the digital platforms. On Waves can also be pre-ordered on iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/on-waves/id1075841362 For more information, visit Noam’s website: http://www.enoam.com

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